Articles on the societal impacts of technology. Reports on matters related to technology ethics. You can find all of these and more in this curated set of reading material, which is continuously updated as new items become available.

What Self-Driving Cars Tell Us About AI Risks

Since 2016, automotive AI in the United States has been linked to at least 25 confirmed deaths and to hundreds of injuries and instances of property damage. An expert gives a ringside view of how real-world applications of transportation AI are or are not working.
Cover of a special publication from IEEE USA - Trustworthy Evidence for Trustworthy Technology.

Trustworthy Evidence For Trustworthy Technology

This new publication from the IEEE Global Initiative’s Law Committee and the IEEE-USA AI Policy Committee discusses three components of trustworthiness, with a particular focus on evidence required for establishing the trustworthiness of a system. Also included is information on the IEEE resources (e.g. IEEE standards) available for addressing these three tiers.
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Guidelines for Ethically-Aligned Businesses

Ethically-aligned businesses prioritize people and the planet as the metrics for responsible AI. A report from IEEE Standards provides direction for business leaders to utilize these metrics while also informing policy makers of the issues these metrics will create for citizens as well as buyers.

AI Everywhere, All at Once

It’s been a frenetic six months since OpenAI introduced its large language model ChatGPT to the world at the end of last year. The sentiment that we’re moving too fast for our own good is reflected in an open letter calling for a pause in AI research, which was posted by the Future of Life Institute and signed by many AI luminaries, including some prominent IEEE members.
Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported

Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported

More than 350 blind people around the world recently found themselves in a world in which the neural implant technology that transformed their lives was just another obsolete gadget. IEEE Spectrum pieced together their story by interviewing half a dozen patients, a company cofounder, and eight doctors or researchers involved with the company. In their telling, the future of high-tech vision implants seems blurrier than ever.
Small school children all look at laptops.

How Organizations Can Create Inclusive and Positive Online Experiences for Children

As part of its commitment to foster dignity, inclusion, identity, trust, and agency in digital and cyber physical environments, the IEEE Standards Association recently released the Applied Case Studies for Children’s Data Governance. The in-depth report provides practical steps for organizations and developers of technologies for children, as well as real-life examples of technology designed to foster positive and trustworthy interactions for children.
A family looks at a computer screen together over their kitchen table.

Generation AI 2020: Health, Wellness and Technology in a Post-COVID World

Generation AI 2020: Health, Wellness and Technology in a Post-COVID World is a global IEEE study that reveals the confidence Millennial parents with Generation Alpha children (under 11-years-old) in the U.S., U.K., India, China and Brazil may have in AI and emerging technologies for the health and wellness of their families.
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As COVID-19 Hastens Reliance on Automation, Experts Warn About the Need for AI Ethics in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered vast job losses as many businesses are unable to operate during this time. It’s also created a need to quickly identify people who have been infected. As a result, the pandemic is expected to hasten the growth of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). This IEEE Innovation at Work article addresses the unforeseen consequences that can come from the rush to AI without strong regulations and ethics in place.
Woman holds sign protesting 5G outisde courthouse as part of a larger gathering.

Will 5G Be Bad for Our Health?

In this blog post, IEEE antenna and telecommunications experts address concerns over radio frequency exposure from the deployment of 5G networks.