About Us

IEEE TechEthics…exploring the ethical and societal impacts of technology

As technology continues to advance, so, too, do the ethical issues facing our industry. Led by our team of Global Ambassadors and professional staff, TechEthics serves as a hub for conversations on ethics occurring across IEEE, and a facilitator for broader conversations on the ethical and societal impacts of existing and emerging technologies.

Man using a stylus pen on a tablet screen in a high tech innovative laboratory

The overall technology ethics landscape covers three key areas:

  • Codes of ethics and other guidelines that help define intended behavior by professionals in the field;
  • Behaviors by professionals and organizations in the context of the guidelines (e.g., business ethics, plagiarism, research ethics, safety/labor/equality matters, etc.); and,
  • The ethical and societal impacts of technologies themselves.
Key areas of technology ethics chart: Guidelines, Professional Ethics, and Technology Ethics

IEEE TechEthics was primarily introduced to address the ethical and societal impacts of technology. We do this by:

  • Serving as a central, trusted resource on technology ethics for IEEE, the broader technology community, and the public
  • Driving robust discussion, debate and conversation about the ethical and societal impacts of technology across all technical areas
  • Ensuring all perspectives are included in these conversations
  • Amplifying existing work and empowering new voices, including critical, non-technical dimensions of technology ethics
  • Informing professional and continuing education to consider and implement ethical standards
  • Empowering the technical community to implement methodologies and products to deliver a values-driven, ethical, modern marketplace.

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