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U.S. Executive Order Covers AI Safety, Algorithmic Bias, and Privacy

A recent U.S. action builds on earlier moves by the White House that laid out non-binding principles for AI regulation and voluntary commitments on managing AI risks from 15 leading AI companies. It also comes in the context of major regulatory efforts around the world, including the European Union, China, Canada, Brazil, and Japan.

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Meet the Ambassadors

IEEE TechEthics is led by an advisory group of volunteer ambassadors in partnership with a team of professional staff. Ambassadors inform program strategic objectives and related activities, expand the program’s global reach by identifying collaboration opportunities in regional areas, and serve as representatives as part of the program’s activities. Their expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, including digital rights, economics, humanities, manufacturing, neuroethics, philosophy, public policy, robotics, and standards development. Become acquainted with this interdisciplinary and international group of volunteers via their bios and brief video interviews.

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