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Shaping the Future Workforce: Transformative Impacts of Emerging Technologies

Automated and intelligent systems are becoming more prevalent, with reports indicating that robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and other technologies will increasingly replace functions currently filled by paid workers over the next decade. Join us as IEEE TechEthics hosts a public panel session on current and future impacts of these transformative technologies on the workforce. The session will be held at The Cooper Union in New York City on Thursday, 28 February from 6:30-8PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).

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Should Research Papers Mention Potential Negative Effects of New AI Technologies?

Do you think researchers should be transparent about all the possible implications of their work? Or is it better to keep such speculative information to themselves and not give anyone ideas for how to use the technology for nefarious purposes? Members of the technology community are calling on editors of peer-reviewed journals to reject submissions that don’t discuss the downsides of AI-enabled technology.

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Neuropriming: What Are The Ethical Implications?

What happens when brain stimulation techniques are used to "prime" the minds of athletes during their training regimens? This panel discusses implications at the intersection of neuroscience, ethics and sport.

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Ethical Considerations: A Key to Technological Advancement

From research to deployment to reclamation, the technology development process is a complex landscape. This panel considers why ethics conversations are a critical component of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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