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One Giant Leap: The Moon Landing's Impact on Humanity

In 1969, the first manned space mission landed on the Moon. This one giant leap influenced the public's views on the possibilities of technology, while also inspiring debate and action on several other societal issues. Join IEEE TechEthics as we address the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing with this panel discussion on the societal and technological impacts of this historic event. This virtual panel will be held on Tuesday, 19 March from 12-1PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4).

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Shaping the Future Workforce: Transformative Impacts of Emerging Technologies

Automated and intelligent systems are becoming more prevalent, with reports indicating that robotics, autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and other technologies will increasingly replace functions currently filled by paid workers over the next decade. This IEEE TechEthics public forum addresses current and future impacts of these transformative technologies on the workforce.

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Machine Ethics

Robot and AI ethics has been transformed from a niche area of concern of a few engineers, philosophers and law academics, to an international debate. The March 2019 issue of Proceedings of the IEEE focuses on the question of how autonomous systems can be imbued with ethical values. This month, we are featuring an article from this special issue that provides on overview on the design and governance of ethical AI and autonomous systems.

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Ethical Considerations: A Key to Technological Advancement

From research to deployment to reclamation, the technology development process is a complex landscape. This panel considers why ethics conversations are a critical component of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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