neuropriming what are the ethical implications

Neuropriming: What Are The Ethical Implications?

The next IEEE TechEthics virtual panel will be held on Thursday, 8 November from 12-1PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). What happens when brain stimulation techniques are used to "prime" the minds of athletes during their training regimens? Join us as we discuss implications at the intersection of neuroscience, ethics and sport.

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ieee symbiotic autonomous systems

The Rise of Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

It is clear that the evolution of symbiotic autonomous systems is already ongoing and society would benefit from its early shaping and impact prediction. The goal of the IEEE International Workshop on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems (30 October 2018, co-located with IEEE Technology Time Machine) is to speculate on evolution trends and rising questions, including ethical, legal, and societal implications.

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ethically merging mixed and physical realities

Ethically Merging Mixed and Physical Realities

Join the IEEE Standards Association for this complimentary one-hour webinar on privacy, brain washing, and why "All Reality" is the state of mind and technology all humans will be facing in the very near future. Hosted by the "All Reality" Committee of The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

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Benefits and Challenges of Raising Children in an AI World

The current generation is being raised in an increasingly automated and algorithmic environment. This panel addresses the impacts, opportunities and challenges of raising children in this AI generation.

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