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Actual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: At the Crossroads

As augmented reality applications continue to make strides in the marketplace, they raise many questions with respect to matters in actual reality. In particular, there are considerations related to the physical spaces that are utilized as landscapes for AR applications. Do owners of physical property have related rights in the virtual world? What say do artists have when their works are transformed virtually? Who is accountable for the physical safety of users? Join us on Tuesday, 20 August from 3-4PM EDT (GMT -4) as a panel of experts from technology, law and philosophy explores these important questions at the intersection of actual reality and augmented reality.

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Call for Papers: ISTAS 2019

The 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (IEEE ISTAS 2019) is now accepting proposals for papers, parallel discussion panels or participatory workshop sessions. This flagship conference of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology will be held in Boston, MA, USA from 15–16 November and focuses on the relationship between technology, policy and social issues.

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Social Good

What “Social Good” Means to Engineers

Many engineers want to apply their skills to help improve their communities and the wider world. But sorting out how best to do that can be challenging. This article in The Institute addresses how engineers can use their skills to contribute to making a better world, featuring contributions from a recent IEEE TechEthics virtual panel.

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The Moral Importance of Cybersecurity

What benefits and harms can cybersecurity bring, either from its implementation or from a lack of it? In what ways can computer security cause harms or violate rights in addition to preventing and protecting them? This virtual panel addresses the ethical benefits and risks associated with cybersecurity technologies, processes, and practices.

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