Ethical Considerations - A Key to Technological Advancement

Ethical Considerations: A Key to Technological Advancement

The next IEEE TechEthics virtual panel will be held on Tuesday, 11 December from 12-1PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). From research to product development to deployment to, eventually, reclamation, the technology development lifecycle is a complex landscape. Join us as members of the IEEE TechEthics Ad Hoc Committee and others discuss why ethics conversations are a critical component of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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gstic 2018

IEEE TechEthics Partners with UN on Technology Ethics Session

IEEE TechEthics is partnering with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth on a panel session on integrating ethics into technology strategies for improved impact assessment. "Ensuring a People-and-Planet Centered Technology Strategy" will be held on 29 November as part of the Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference (G-STIC 2018) in Brussels, Belgium.

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Benefits and Challenges of Raising Children in an AI World

The current generation is being raised in an increasingly automated and algorithmic environment. This panel addresses the impacts, opportunities and challenges of raising children in this AI generation.

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How Much Autonomy Is Acceptable?

Numerous current and future systems feature independence from human intervention. But how much autonomy is acceptable? And does autonomy dilute the foundational principle of a responsible agent? This panel delves into these important issues raised by an increasingly autonomous world.

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