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Advancing technology for the benefit of humanity is the IEEE tagline. In order for technology to benefit humanity it needs to be universally available and well-received. Part of developing and moving technology into widespread use is to address ethical concerns that might arise.

IEEE TechEthics provides a platform for addressing ethical and societal implications across a variety of technology areas. The program launched with a focus on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems and will grow over time.

The IEEE TechEthics website will serve as a central resource on ethics activities across IEEE and the broader technology community.

Be sure to join the IEEE TechEthics Community so you can keep abreast of IEEE's ethics activities, engage in the conversation, and more.

What's New

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Make #OurAIVision Your Own

IEEE is creating a Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems and we need your help.

Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems is a document that represents the collective input of over one hundred global thought leaders from academia, science, government and corporate sectors in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, ethics, philosophy, and policy.

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Featured Article

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AI Learns Gender and Racial Biases From Language

Artificial intelligence does not automatically rise above human biases regarding gender and race. On the contrary, machine learning algorithms that represent the cutting edge of AI in many online services and apps may readily mimic the biases encoded in their training datasets.

Tech giants and startups that use machine learning—especially cutting-edge deep learning algorithms—will need to grapple with the potential biases in their AI systems sooner rather than later.

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Featured Video

Towards a Comprehensive Approach to Ensuring that AI and Robotics are Beneficial

In this keynote, Wendell Wallach provides an overview of the various considerations needed to ensure the beneficence of artificial intelligence. This talk was recorded at Conversations on Ethical and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence: An IEEE TechEthics Event.

To view additional content from this event and other ethics-related activities across IEEE, visit the IEEE TechEthics channel on

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