The overall technology ethics landscape covers three key areas:

  • professional guidelines (e.g., codes of ethics) that help define intended behavior by professionals in the field;
  • the impact of (and response to) professional behaviors in the context of those codes of ethics; and,
  • ethical and societal impacts of the technologies themselves.

These are interdependent aspects, with each influencing and/or being influenced by the others.

The IEEE TechEthics program focuses on the third bullet, seeking to ensure that ethical and societal implications of technology become an integral part of the development process by driving conversation and debate on these issues. Since IEEE does not directly fund research, we instead seek to accelerate the generation of ideas, facilitate the vetting of those ideas, and, where applicable, drive consensus around those ideas. The IEEE TechEthics program achieves this through event production, content development, audience engagement and other activities. 

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