Father of the Cyborgs Panel Discussion

IEEE TechEthics is partnering with IEEE Brain and the International Neuroethics Society to host a virtual panel discussion on the award-winning documentary, Father of the Cyborgs. The discussion will explore the various technological and ethical issues raised in the film and address questions submitted by participants. The event will not include a viewing of the film but registrants will be provided with access to view the film online on their own. Join us at 3:00pm EDT on 15 September, 2022 for what promises to be an engaging discussion.


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AI Governance Frameworks: Challenges and Opportunities for Equity

IEEE TechEthics is co-organizing a panel discussion on 13 October, 2022 as part of the ICDS Fall 2022 Symposium on Data Science, AI, and a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future. This panel will explore and discuss frameworks for the governance of AI, with particular attention given to the challenges of — and opportunities for — integrating equity considerations. Register today to attend this free event being held on the campus of host Penn State University.


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Wrapping Your Head Around Mind Control: Ethical Implications of Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is being increasingly deployed across a wide range of applications. This IEEE TechEthics panel — part of the 2022 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference — addresses the frameworks needed to evaluate the ethical, legal, social, and cultural implications that may arise with these deployments.


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