bias in the age of the algorithm

Bias in the Age of the Algorithm

Algorithms are in use all around us, every day. These decision-making processes are driven by large amounts of data…data that has been shown to possess inherent biases. How do those algorithmic biases impact us? How can they be addressed? And what do they say about us as a society? This free virtual panel will delve into these key challenges in the age of the algorithm. Join us Thursday, 30 May from 12-1PM EDT (GMT -4).

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tech ethics survey

We Want To Hear From You

The IEEE TechEthics Conversations Series consists of monthly virtual panels and several annual public forums that address key ethical and societal impacts across a variety of technologies. We would like to gather input from you on various aspects of the series, including topics you would be interested in us covering. Please consider taking a few minutes to complete a very brief survey, which will help us produce more programming targeted at your interests and expectations.

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Livestream: AI/Robotics Ethics Panel at IEEE VIC Summit

Register for free today to watch the livestream of Ethics in AI: Impacts of (Anti?)Social Robotics. This IEEE TechEthics-sponsored panel will take place at the 2019 IEEE Vision, Innovation and Challenges (VIC) Summit on Friday, 17 May in San Diego, CA, USA at 1:30PM PDT (GMT -7). The session will be moderated by Dominik Boesl, IEEE TechEthics Ad Hoc Committee Chair, and features panelists representing various voices in the social robotics space.

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Engineering Social Good: Technology and Moral Responsibility

Technology, in and of itself, is neither inherently "good" nor "bad." That said, to what extent do engineers have a responsibility to create solutions focused on social good? This panel addresses the role engineers and others have in developing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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