The IEEE TechEthics video resources library provides access to an ever-growing set of event recordings and interviews with experts covering a wide range of technology ethics topics.

Panel on Hate Speech

Hate speech on digital platforms occurs in social media, comments on online news articles, dating apps, online gaming, and the metaverse. In fact, it can occur in almost every aspect of our online lives. This panel from the IEEE Tech Forum on Digital Platforms and Societal Harms discusses state of the art efforts to tackle online hate, policy and technology challenges, and the latest on regulation.

Panel on Extremism and Exploitation

This panel from the IEEE Tech Forum on Digital Platforms and Societal Harms addresses the use of digital platforms to aid in violent extremism (terrorism) and child exploitation. Experts discuss the latest efforts to address these harms and the challenges that have arisen with the increased use of alternative and minimally moderated platforms.

Panel on Misinformation & Disinformation

Interference in elections, the spread of false information during the global pandemic, and conspiracy theories that can lead to hate and extremism. Recent years have seen online disinformation and misinformation emerge as a serious threat to health, safety, and the rule of law. This panel from the IEEE Tech Forum on Digital Platforms and Societal Harms addresses the challenges in these threats.

ARTificial Intelligence: How AI Tools Are Impacting the Arts

The arts are among the fields seeing both benefits and challenges from the use of generative AI tools, stirring discussion on what it means to be an artist. This IEEE TechEthics public form addresses the impacts AI is having on the artistic process.

Societal Impacts of Smart Grid Technology: Benefits and Challenges

This session at ISGT-Europe addresses the ethical and social impacts of the development and deployment of sustainable smart grid technologies. A panel of global experts provide insights into the benefits and challenges of these technologies.

Ethics, Labor and Democracy: Designing Impactful Tech for an Actively Inclusive Society

This panel at ISTAS addresses why ethical design, development and deployment of technology must be rooted in the values of equality, diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

4 + 1: The Impacts of Academia, Economics, Government and Civil Society on Sustainable Development

This session at ETHICS identifies ways in which interactions between the education system, the economic system, governments and the public contribute to the advancement of a sustainable global environment.

When Good Tech Goes Bad: The Impact of Non-Supported Devices

This panel at ISTAS discusses the impacts of medical devices and other technologies that suddenly cease to operate and what can be done to ensure users continue to receive the support they need.

Father of the Cyborgs: Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion on the award-winning documentary, Father of the Cyborgs, neuroscience and ethics experts explore body augmentation, medical tourism and various other technological and ethical issues raised in the film.