Father of the Cyborgs: Panel Discussion

The cover of IEEE Technology & Society Magainze on Robots and Socio-Ethical Implications.

IEEE Technology and Society Magazine: Special Issue on Robots and Socio-Ethical Implications

An eerie red landscape of robots on an assembly line.

New Report Highlights Dangers of Hacked Factory Robots

Decorative graphic.

The Nature of Nudging

Eerie graphic of a silver robotic face split in two.

Transparency and Accountability for Robots and Artificial Intelligence Systems

Title slide of 2019 VIC Summit: Ethics in AI - Impacts of Social Robotics (Panel)

Ethics in AI: Impacts of (Anti?)Social Robotics

A bionic man stares at his bionic hand as rays of light beam from him.

Is the Future of Humanity Bionic?

An old-timey robot reads a book of jokes. Text: A Roboticist, Ethicist and Novelist Walk Into a Bar: IEEE TechEthics Panel at SXSW

A Roboticist, Ethicist and Novelist Walk Into a Bar

Three people in business suits talking in a conference room.

Engineering Ethics: Topics for Robotics and Automation Engineers